2013 Film Entrants

This year we are proud to announce there will be 7 Short Films competing at the 2013 Deaf Short Film Festival in Wellington. We will also be showcasing a guest film from Perth, Australia.

The Short Films will be screened three times over the duration of the weekend, in conjunction with the Deaf View 3 Conference.


Boot Camp (7:00)Susan-Thomas

The film tells a story about four Deaf women struggling to lose weight and their experiences with signed instructions in the boot camp. As anyone expects the hard slog exercises in the boot camp, each one faces a challenge. Will they achieve or fail in their weight-loss goal?

Directed by: Susan Thomas

Dump-My-Deaf-FriendDump My Dead Friend (6:56)Mark-Berry-Head-Shot

It’s the morning after of a party that got out of hand when these guys found out that they have a dead body and need to dispose it before getting caught.

Directed by: Mark Berry

Hair-Dye-Ahhhhh!!!Hair Dye Ahhhhh!!! (6:58)Maureen-Lambert

Due to communication breakdown Maureen got a shock at hairdresser!!

Directed by: Maureen Lambert

Our-Second-HomeOur Second Home (6:58)Jared-Flitcroft

A short Documentary about the Wellington Deaf Club

Directed by: Jared Flitcroft

Paths-to-LovePath to Love (6:04)Mark-Berry-Head-Shot
What is the path to true love? These three guys are about to find out.

Directed by: Mark Berry

PresencePresence (6:58)Chris Tottenham
Maria teaches sign language and dramatically discovers one day that a sinister force is trying to take over her class – she finds herself caught in a battle to defend her sign language against another from another era.

Directed by: Chris Tottenham

The-Birth-of-PokerThe Birth of Poker (6:47)Erich-Krogmann
The boys had no plans for the evening, after a video phone call, Tommy wanted to get together and play poker. They quarrel about their injuries they have had experienced in their life. Just they thought one of them would never win two Aces.

Directed by: Erich Krogmann

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