Auckland 2007

Location: Auckland (Crowne Plaza)

Date: 17th September 2007
Theme: “Sign of The Times”

  • Bionic Hand Implant * – Amanda Everitt, Auckland
  • Return of the Hand – Anna Dubbelt, Auckland
  • The Hammer – Brent MacPherson, Cambridge
  • Unlocking the Past – Cheryl Anton, Auckland
  • Life’s in your hands – David McKee, Wellington
  • Love 1st Time – Joyce Ferguson, Christchurch
  • The Last laugh – Joanne Fraser / Chris Tottenham, Invercargill
  • Beautiful Hands – Lorraine Butler, Auckland
  • Signs of the Bill – Nirvana May, Dunedin
  • Retro Deaf Kiwis – Robert Marquet, Ruakaka
  • Goodbye Buzzy – Robert Marquet, Ruakaka
  • Peter – Pollyanna Ferguson,  Wellington
  • Researching the Sign of Time – Pollyanna Ferguson,  Wellington
  • Time to Think –  Sara Pivac, Wellington
  • The Witching Hour – Sonia Pivac / Victoria Skorikova, Auckland

* Please note: Bionic Hand Implant is being made by Frontrunners Team (International Deaf Youth Leadership Programme in Denmark) including Amanda Everitt. This film will not enter for the New Zealand Deaf Short Film competition.
Best Film: ‘Life is in your Hands’ by David McKee

Best Director: Cheryl Anton (Unlock the Past)

Best Actor: Brent MacPherson (Beautiful Hands)

Best Actress: Hilda Tamepo (Goodbye Buzzy)

Best Editing: ‘Unlock the Past’ by Sonia Pivac

Best Screenplay: ‘Witching Hour’ by Sonia Pivac & Victoria Skorikova

Best Cinematography: ‘Goodbye Buzzy’ by Robert Marquet

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